Dealer Learning Track

Handling cheques, cutting cheques, alert calls, buy-ins, coloring up, making change, toke bets, sizing in—these are only a fraction of the average table dealer’s responsibilities. A dealer must be able to manage the many varieties of bets players may place, all while ensuring the game is running smoothly and according to house rules. The various duties of a table dealer can be overwhelming at first. But CasinoQuest’s courses for dealers take you step-by-step through the basics of working a table down to the little details of customer service that every player and supervisor love to see. Our professional dealers break down each game so that students are not so overwhelmed with information all at one time. From the basics of handling cheques to such details as proper finger placement during payouts, our courses ensure that dealers are more than ready to step onto the casino floor with the confidence to facilitate exciting games for their players.

Experienced dealers also benefit from CasinoQuest’s courses. Our lessons dive into tips and tricks that have been picked up over the years by our professional dealers and which are now easily accessible to you. The knowledge you gain from us comes from countless shifts worked on casino floors and is intended to make your life easier so that you, and your players, may have a more rewarding gaming experience.