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Blackjack Player

Welcome to the online version of Casino Quest’s Blackjack course for players. This course is intended to be a general user guide for the beginning player to start their Blackjack journey at the casino. Blackjack, sometimes called 21, is a game of cards played between a dealer and players.

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Blackjack Dealer

From the Las Vegas Strip to cruise ships and Indian reservations, understanding Blackjack is a fundamental prerequisite to becoming a professional casino dealer. This course is designed to make you a proficient and confident dealer in any environment.

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Roulette Dealer

Beginning with the basics, Alex covers everything an aspiring roulette dealer would need to know to master their craft, from the handling of cheques to proper mucking procedure.

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Mini Baccarat Dealer

Welcome to our online course for Baccarat Mini Dealers. This course covers how to be a Baccarat Mini Dealer.

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